New York is so hot right now

New York City is extremely hot.The heat follows you under the shade of trees; you can’t escape the sticky, sweaty feeling that you are slowly melting away. A guy we met at the place we stay said it’s a ‘five-shower-a-day’ kind of heat. I don’t even know why I bother to shower; the moment I’m out of the shower, I feel the beads of sweat forming on my back. When you enter a subway station you walk down into an oven where you struggle to breathe. As a result of the heat, we are handing out dollars left and right to stay hydrated; there’s a large variety of fruity frozen drinks with names like ‘Dunkin’ Donut Berry colada’ to choose from.

Despite the heat we managed to walk very far on our first day in the city; we got of the subway at ‘High St’ on the Brooklyn side and crossed the Brooklyn Bridge on foot to Manhattan Island (saw a guy propose to his girlfriend with his family and friends holding up posters on the side of the bridge). We then walked to South Street Seaport where we relaxed on deck chairs looking out over the bridge and Brooklyn Heights.

It seems that every American aims to be a stand-up comedian – on our short walk (in the rain) to Washington Square Park last night we walked past at least ten bars where they had a comedy show on. It’s absolutely amazing that there are so many people out at night, walking and sitting in parks. When we decided to head home after 11pm, most people where only then getting on the subway to start their night out.

Today I hope to buy a hat and sunglasses to better protect me from the evil New York sun.


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