I.M. Pei-ing on MIT Campus – The Wiesner Building

DSC_0603 DSC_0663 DSC_0675 DSC_0688 DSC_0690DSC_0745
I.M. Pei is the architect who designed the glass triangle addition to the Louvre art museum in Paris. Turns out he studied at MIT (class of ’40) and had designed four of the buildings on the MIT Campus!

The Wiesner building is attached to a new building used for the MIT Media Lab (the building my husband, Dirk works in while we are in Boston). The building is a collaboration between I.M. Pei (and partners) and three artists. The one artist, Kenneth Noland is responsible for the coloured strips between the white panels. It is his artwork ‘Here-There’. The bright colours and the white aluminium panels continue into the inside of the building to the atrium space, linking the facade with the interior.  There is a neon light artwork installation on the ground floor.

The entrance of the building is marked by a curved concrete overhang.  A close inspection of the concrete work reveals a beautiful off-shutter pattern on the surface.  The last picture shows the new Media Lab building (designed by Pritzker Prize-winning, Japanese firm Maki & Associates) connected to the Wiesner building.


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