A word on statues and memorials

On  the Harvard Campus in Cambridge there is a statue of the ‘founder’ of Harvard, John Harvard.  This statue is the third most photographed statue in the USA.


According to the legend, if you rub the statue’s toe, you will go to Harvard in the future.  The irony is that no one knows who the statue is supposed to resemble; the plaque stating it’s the ‘founder’ is a lie!

The second most photographed statue is Abraham Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC.  The most photographed statue is of course…the Statue of Liberty.


The same sculptor who sculpted Lincoln (and also ‘John Harvard’ sculpture, sculpted the statute of General James Oglethorpe located in Chippewa Square, Savannah, Georgia.

ImageAbout 30 metres from the Chippewa Square is the Savannah playhouse where John Wilkes Booth, the actor who assassinated Lincoln used to perform in plays.  

Is it coincidence that the sculptor and the murderer of Abraham Lincoln have a connection with Savannah?


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