A Wave Organ and two Banksy’s

The obvious tourist attractions and activities in San Francisco include walking/ cycling / driving over the Golden Gate Bridge,


going to Union Square to look at fancy shops,


a visit to Alcatraz, driving down Lombard Street (apparently the world’s windiest road)

Imageand taking a cable car ride.

However, if you know where to look, you will discover the hidden treasures of San Francisco.  One such treasure is the Wave Organ, an acoustic sculpture on the shore of the Bay next to the Golden Gate Yacht Club. Artist Peter Richards conceived and designed the organ in 1986, working with sculptor George Gonzales. The sculpture is not visible if you walk next to the ocean. You only see the concrete pipes and benches when you reach the location.

ImageIt is an interactive artwork – the pipes enhance the sound of the waves, so when a person puts an ear next to a pipe the music of the ocean is heard.



San Francisco hides other art treasures, six very valuable treasures to be exact.  The famous/ notorious graffiti artist Banksy is known for his anonymous murals that appear overnight in random places around the world.  San Francisco is home to six of these murals.  When Dirk and I randomly came across one of his artworks in Chinatown, it inspired us to go on a treasure hunt to find another work of his.


This artwork is protected from vandalism (ironic, as graffiti is vandalism in a sense) by a perspex screen (over which someone painted).  This is what it actually looks like:


The Mission District is known for murals done by various artists, so it is an obvious place for a graffiti artist to leave his mark. Banksy did leave his mark in Sycamore Ave but alas, another artist has reclaimed the wall. Someone did leave a note as the only evidence that Banksy has been there. 



This is what the artwork looked like before it was defaced:



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