Grand Indeed (The Canyon)

How do you capture the glory and greatness of the Grand Canyon with a camera?  The Grand Canyon is 446 km long, up to 29 km wide in certain areas and has a depth of over 1600 meters!  We spent two nights camping at the North Rim and could not get enough of the magnificent views!  Image

The North Rim is 300m higher than the South Rim and also more eroded.  One can take a mule ride into the Grand Canyon, but we opted for a hike down on the North Kaibab Trail to experience the scale of the Canyon.  Image

Apparently the rangers have to rescue 250 hikers per year from the Canyon, because the downwards walk takes half the time of the upwards walk back.  So people are deceived walking the easy path down, pushing themselves to walk as far as possible and when they turn around, the steep uphill takes its toll.  We walked for 2 hours before turning around, and it does take twice the time to reach the beginning again.  Some people try to hike to the Colorado river and back in a day which is a huge mistake.

As per the above image from the beauty of the Canyon lies in the different layers of rock and the different texture and colour of the rock.  We walked into the Redwall Limestone area and turned around before reaching the Roaring Springs (we could hear the sound from far away).  During the hike we saw various squirrels and lizards.  People are allowed to camp inside the Canyon with a permit; we walked past a few groups who did a four day hike from ‘Rim-to-Rim’.

Around sunset it started raining heavily (the Arizona Desert is known for its monsoons) and we saw a thunderstorm in the distance over the Canyon from the Point Imperial viewpoint.

The Grand Canyon Lodge offers a beautiful view into the Canyon from a public deck and we started our morning with an early sunrise at the Lodge over the Canyon before hitting the road to Los Angeles.


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