Sketching Sculptures

Few tourists know about Santiago’s sculpture garden on the banks of the Mapocho River in the Provedencia Barrio (close by the Pedro de Valdivia Metro station).



There are about thirty sculptures of different scale and materials that you can walk past.  I used a visit to the sculpture park as an opportunity to practise my sketching skills (a necessary skill to have in the design/ architecture industry and one that I have been neglecting for too long).


I chose a ‘spiky’ asymmetrical sculpture for my first sketching attempt, because I thought the lines would be easy to draw…I was wrong.  I have to admit that the most difficult part of sketching for me, is to stay focused.  It’s easy to get bored and just rush to end the sketch.


My second Sketch was of an organic sculpture made from wood.

ImageI use a pen to sketch as it doesn’t give you the option to erase and start over again – you need to work with what you have drawn.  A thinner pen would have allowed me to experiment and draw the beautiful timber patterns on the sculpture, but as I only had one thick pen to work with, I decided that less texture is more.  I like the way that the sketch had to flow over onto the opposite page – it sort of gives the idea of a bird in flight, which might be what the sculptor had in mind, as the sculpture’s name is ‘Ode to the Sky/ Air’.


My goal is to keep on improving my sketching technique while Dirk and I are overseas, so hopefully I’ll be showing some improvement and more sketches soon.


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