Dragons on the Playground in Chile: Plaza Brazil


One of my favourite things about Santiago are the many public green spaces scattered throughout the city.  That, and the fact that people make use of the parks. On any given day if you walk past Parque Forestal or Parque Bustamente you will see people relaxing on the grass, getting some fresh air and doing exercises.

ImageThen, of course, there are the playgrounds.  Most of the parks have what we call in Afrikaans a ‘klimraam’ – a structure built for children to climb onto or to swing from – and a slide or two and a few swings.


You can slide down the volcano in Plaza Brazil!

Plaza Brazil in the historic Barrio Brazil takes all the usual structures to a whole new level!  The play structures look like colourful dragons and it’s so tempting to climb onto them; I almost tried to slide down a dragon’s tail!




Even Mom can take a nap against a dragon’s scales


Token stray dog in the picture

Plaza Brazil is a dream come true for any child!


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