Coffee, books and gym equipment…in a park


The closest park to our apartment is Parque Bustamente, a green strip between streets and buildings where you can get in a quick exercise routine on your way to the Lider (aka Wallmart) supermarket close by.  I love the colourful gym equipment that are scattered throughout the parks in Santiago.  It’s a lot of fun to watch people figure out how to use the machines and to see the different types of people using the machines.

ImageThe playground in the park has a large sign that says only kids under the age of 12 are allowed to climb onto the orange play frame; I’m sure I would have been scared if I were allowed to climb onto the top of the triangle!



 The is a building in the centre of the park that has stolen my hart, not only because of the big bulky concrete architecture, but because it’s a library combined with a coffee shop and workspace; anybody can sit there and work for free!  Cafe Literario (I also love the name) hosts painting workshops and all sorts of exciting presentations to do with books.


 It’s fantastic to see people at the tables outside, enjoying the nature and having coffee at the same time.




 On one side of the building is a reflection pool and on the other side are rows of benches, leading to a square  where we have seen some interesting protests involving naked people and singing…you never know what to expect!



4 thoughts on “Coffee, books and gym equipment…in a park

  1. I was in Cafe Literario this afternoon! It’s one of my regular hang outs too.

    I just got back from Isla de Pascua – I needed to escape Santiago to recharge the batteries. One thing that really warmed my heart was the ubiquitous Chilean outdoor gym equipement there; the machines are exactly the same as those you find around Santiago, but they are all painted in a muted green and brown colour scheme, blending into the surroundings. I loved the fact that they have done it their way; a bit of uniqueness in what can be a pretty uniform world in some ways. They gym areas have the added bonus of overlooking the ocean, and the one I used was in amongst a little grove of trees!

    • I definitely want to visit the island (also known as Rapa Nui); hopefully I’ll get the chance soon. I must say, gym equipment does not fit into my picture of the island…I’ll just have to go and see for myself what it looks like!

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