Slashed faces of politicians in Santiago

The Chilean presidential elections will take place on Sunday 17 November.  Politicians are only allowed to advertise with banner starting one month before the election day, so in the pas three weeks I have watched with amusement how the marketing campaigns work here.

In South Africa the politicians promote themselves with cardboard posters slightly larger than an A3 format.

ImageIt seems to me that people in Chile put have eyesight problems, because here the political parties proudly put up mounted canvasses with larger than life pictures of their candidate.  And just in case you didn’t see the giant politician’s smiling face a mile away, there’s another canvas on the next tree, and the next one, and the next one…

ImageThe two favourite candidates are both blonde ladies: Michelle Bachelet, who was president one term ago, and Evelyn Matthei, whose father was working together with (aka kop in een mus met) the notorious dictator, Pinochet.  The constitution prevents the current president Pinera to run for immediate re-election.  Michelle has a broach with an ‘M’ on in her photo’s and her voting number is 6.  We wondered if Evelyn’s campaign manager pulled some strings to have her listed as number seven, making her canvasses say: Seven Evelyn, close to Seven Eleven.

ImageAfter the canvasses are put up, the canvasses that are not put up high enough, are then vandalised by the general public.  This is concerning to me; it seems as if every person in Chile must be carrying a knife with them to violently slash the face of the politician they don’t like!


ImageThe upside of the face-slashing is that it creates awesome photo opportunities for silly tourists!



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