Ice cream in Santiago’s most beautiful park


Parque Bicentenario, where the wealthy people of Santiago spend their weekends

Due to an unfortunate turn of events, we weren’t able to hike the longest route at Aguas de Ramon this past Saturday.  Well, not really an ‘unfortunate turn of events’; we arrived at the park too late – if you want to hike the 7 hour long route, you have to start before 10am, so they didn’t allow us to do the long route when we pitched up after 11am.  Seeing that we had already hiked the shorter 3hour route a few weeks ago, Dirk and I decided to explore the famous Parque Bicentenario.

ImageI have to say, I was relieved that we didn’t hike up a mountain; the sun was very hot that day (not a cloud in sight) and after celebrating Chile’s 2-0 soccer win over England at Flannery’s (the Irish pub where expats hang out in Santiago) the previous night, we weren’t in top physical shape.

ImageWe took the red line metro to the Manquehue station and from there took the 425 bus that dropped us within walking distance from Parque Bicentenario.  


This Jacaranda tree is not yet in bloom!

Parque Bicentenario a fairly new park in the wealthy Vitacura neighbourhood.  We entered the park from the side where the Mestizo restaurant sits looking out over the park.

ImageThe landscaping of the park is picturesque – the combination of different greens and textures make you want to explore the grounds to see what lies waiting around the next bend.


The Costanera tower in the background.


Sail boat races!


Swimming in the ponds are the largest Koi fish that I have ever seen!

Unusual swans with black necks glides around on the water.  Later I found out these birds are called Cisnes in Spanish and are the largest waterfowl native to South America.  The birds have a red growth on top of their beaks making them appear like an ugly stepsister of the elegant white swans I’ve seen before in other countries.

ImageEach area in the park has different coloured umbrellas from blue to orange to green to yellow and there are even deckchairs standing around to be used freely!




ImageWe settled in under a blue umbrella, ready to take a nap and ‘toast our arms and legs’ as our Chilean friend Oscar would say.  I was happy to find an ice cream truck nearby!  


Frambuesa (Raspberry) and Maracuya (passion fruit)

There are fantastic playground for kids and exercise equipment throughout the park.



La Busqueda (The Search), a beautiful sculpture by Hernan Puelma


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