Geek Weekend

No, just because I am married to a computer programmer does not mean that every weekend is a geek weekend for me!  There are actually weekends that are more geeky than others.  This past weekend was one of the more geeky ones, as we attended the Santiago Mini Maker Faire that was held at Parque Quinta Normal.


Every Maker Faire needs a dinosaur!

 Since we have moved to Santiago I have not only learned new Spanish words, I have also expanded my Geek vocabulary, so if this blog is going to make any sense, you might want to brush up on your Geek:

Maker: Imagine an arts and crafts enthusiast, but more intelligent than your average person and less into making doilies.  This type of person can use a lazer cutter, 3-D printer and a soldering iron without breaking a sweat.  This is like a DIY lover on steroids.  With a soldering gun in hand.  Using words like ‘Arduino’ and ‘circuit board’ and ‘LED’.

Maker culture: There’s this world wide phenomena where  the above mentioned ‘makers’…make…stuff…like robots and lazers and things that can explode.  I was completely ignorant of this movement until recently.

Hackerspace: No, this is not a space where people who steal information over the internet meet.  There are many hackerspaces all over the world.   There is one in our street named STGO Makerspace.  Makers and other people go to a hackerspace to use the lazercutter or 3-D printer or other tools to make their projects a reality.

DSC_7164The Santiago Mini Maker Faire was hosted by the above mentioned hackerspace, in the spirit of the above mentioned maker culture and there were more than 100 makers (or inventors, crafters, hobbyists, call them what you want) who displayed their projects in a giant circus tent.



Actual moving robot things


3-D printers


DSC_7182I felt like a complete underachiever as we were walking between the displays in the big circus tent.  All the makers were like ‘I totally built this 3-D printer myself over a weekend’ and ‘Check out the drawing that my computer just created’ and ‘You don’t know what a ____ is?!’  Luckily a lot of the people spoke Spanish, so I could pretend that the language barrier meant that I didn’t understand them, while the truth was actually that I didn’t understand a lot of the moving motorised stuff.  I was followed around by an actual robot that kept whistling at me.

DSC_7172Dirk partook in a competition in the ‘Nerdy Derby’ area.  He had to build a vehicle of some sort that can ride down a steep curved ramp.


DSC_7196In all seriousness, I really was impressed by the random projects and hobbies people have.  The Mini Make Faire was very inspiring.  Who knows, maybe one day I’ll even create my own robot.


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