“You heard me: Boul-de-ring.”

It’s like a boulder.  And you climb it.  It’s a sport I’m trying out while we are here in Santiago.

ImageIn Avenida Italia there is a place called ‘Casa Boulder’.  It’s an interior space where you can climb onto the walls.  You actually need special shoes to climb, but because I’m a beginner, I just use my good old Nike tekkies for now.  What’s great about bouldering, it’s lower than wall climbing – I have a fear of heights.  The highest you can climb is to the ceiling, which is about three meters high.

ImageThe photo’s aren’t great, because I took it with my phone and the lighting inside isn’t ideal for pictures, but I think it gives a good idea of the space.

ImageI’ve been there twice, and every time my arms are extremely stiff afterwards!  It must be really good exercise!



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