ImageThis morning at 10am a noises of drumming and marching made Dirk and me rush to the window in the kitchen of our new apartment that we share with…I think at least twelve people.  The noise was made by guards marching to La Moneda, the seat of the government of Chile in Santiago.  I stopped at the Plaza de la Constitución in front of La Moneda, on my way to the market to watch the spectacle of the changing of the guards.

ImageIt took about half an hour to get the job done.  The marching band entertains the crowd for a while and then the guards, well, change.  The changing of the guards take place every second day; it’s worth a watch if you’re visiting Santiago.  I’m guessing we’ll hear it every single time.  We have a few doctor friends who have to work night shifts at hospitals.  I kept imagining this type of show when a doctor who just finished a night of work leaves the hospital while a marching band is playing and a set of fresh doctors march into the hospital, ready for a new work day.

ImageOn the right a building is covered in cloth.  There is a lot of restoration work going on in the city centre; also on our apartment building which is just behind La Moneda.  It’s quite cool to live in the thick of things where all the activities are happening.  The city feels very alive.


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