Menu del Dia in Barrio Brasil

Today was a lazy Sunday.  Absolutely every thing is closed in Santiago on Sunday.  It feels as if you are walking around in a ghost town, that’s how deserted the streets are.  The shops and restaurants are locked with roller garage doors, so the street where all the chairs and tables were standing on the sidewalk the night before, now looks like an industrial street with closed garages and car workshops.  It’s as if the reaping had taken place the night before, and if you are one of the lucky ones you end up laying on the grass in a park (heaven), while the unlucky ones are walking around in crowded malls (hell), trying to find meaning in life between Topshop and Zara.  

Dirk and I were somewhere between heaven and hell today, I guess.  Unable to make Sunday lunch (after church) in our new apartment, as the owners were painting the kitchen walls black (it’s black board paint, for us to write recipes on later, novel idea!), we had to wander the empty streets, looking for food.  Have you seen the movie ‘I am Legend’ where Will Smith and a few dogs and zombies are the only living things on earth?  That’s how today felt.  We were alone on the streets with a few dogs for company.  

We ended up in Barrio Brazil where we found an open restaurant, Canela Cafe Litarario next to Plaza Brazil with the great playground, and we had a great Menu del dia!  A Menu del dia is a lunch time special in Santiago, where you can get a three course meal at a reasonable price.  The meal usually includes juice, coffee or bread.  I always go for the menu’s with desert included.


First course: salad and juice included!


Arroz (rice) con carne (meat). If the menu reads ‘rice with meat’ you should expect a lot of rice and a little bit of meat.


Raspberry cheesecake! Yes, please!

All of the above cost less than $6USD per person! 


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