A thought on business cards

I just love how the main character in Jonathan Safran Foer’s book Extremely loud and incredibly close has a business card with a really long list of things that he does and collects.

Image I have collected many business cards from people we have met and fairs that I’ve attended here in Santiago.  Unfortunately I won’t be able to keep them; I have to travel light.  I always thought that the cards must be a certain size, but I’ve come across many cards that are smaller or bigger or even square.


My favourite business card

My favourite business card is laser cut on balsa wood!  It’s so dainty!  I keep it in my purse and I’m always scared that it’ll break, so maybe it’s not the best material for a business card, but it looks so cool!


The cards are bent from being packed and unpacked in my suitcase

I designed travel cards for Dirk and myself to hand out to people we meet during our travels.  It’s always a mission to write down numbers and contact details and then to remember who the people were that you wanted to contact, so the travel cards make it easy for people to have our details.


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