The surf spot, Curanipe

Curanipe was the last stop of our two week ‘Christmas Break’.


Fishermen’s boats in Curanipe

I first heard about this town when we played Dixit, the best (French) card game ever with two Frenchmen and one Chilean at the Buenos Aires Backpackers in Valdivia on the first day of the new year.  Dirk desperately wanted to surf and the guys advised him that he would be able to rent a surfboard and wetsuit in Curanipe.  So, without further ado, we got on an overnight bus to Curanipe after watching the Hobbit (voice-overed in Spanish, of course).


Dirk got down to business quickly and braved the cold water!

The owner of the surf rental store/ container claims to be friends with Derek Hynd, a legendary Australian surfer who surfs without fins and apparently lives in Jeffreys Bay at the moment.  Derek gave this Chilean guy his first surfboard and that is how he learned to surf and now he also shapes surfboards.


Surfer Dirk



The sand on the beach is black and when you swim in the icy water (which I did for a few seconds) golden pieces of sand float in the water.


While Dirk surfed, I enjoyed cerviche, a delicious raw fish dish. A random friendly fisherman held me company while I ate and looked out at the boats.


The market where I bought the fresh cerviche

ImageCuranipe is not a big town, but it has a certain charm to it.  The people seemed to be getting ready for the big summer rush of January and February.

ImageCuranipe was hit by a Tsunami when the big earthquake struck Chile in 2010, so I guess the town is still recovering from the damage caused by the natural disaster.


Beautiful shaded structure next to the beach



Walking to our campsite in the forest of trees. We were scared that the wind would blow the tall trees over, but we were safe! We paid 7000CLP for one night’s camping.

We woke up Saturday to the noise of motorbikes right next to our tent.  There was some bike race being held at the campsite the weekend, so we decided to leave the noise behind and head home to Santiago.



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