Dirk demonstrating his strength in Parque Quinta Normal

What better way to spend a Saturday than in a park!  We were welcomed by the most amazing band performance ever!


A mobile band! The band members moved up and down!


ImageAfter the performance, it was time for us to go to the fair.  The fair was in the park for about a week.  Where it came from and why it was there, I have no idea, but it was so much fun to watch!


Some seats are made from toilet seats!



Dirk eating an ice lolly. People sell these lollies everywhere for 200CLP! It’s too cheap to not buy them!


Do you want to ride in the space shuttle? Or on the crocodile? A person has to ride the bicycle for the carousel to turn.

I wish I was smaller so that I could get on one of the rides!




Kids playing a shooting game.


The parents had time for a rest.

I was happily taking pictures, when suddenly I heard a cheer from the crowd…and then I saw what Dirk was doing…

Dirk not only displayed his physical strength, he also displayed his mental power by not giving the obnoxious Chilean fair assistant a ‘snot klap’ for being such an idiot!

DSC 8769 from Sune Uys on Vimeo.


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