Things to do in Durban, South Africa

My friend Lizelle, who’s an awesome architect in Johannesburg, recently asked my advise about things to do in Durban, so I decided to make a blogpost out of it.  I lived in Durban, the best city in South Africa, for two and a half years and here are my favourite things to do in Durban:

Durban is all about relaxation and life style, so most of the things I recommend has to do with food or places to hang out.

1. Beachfront, beachfront, beachfront!  Jog, rent a bike, rollerskate, have coffee at Circus Circus on the lively promenade!




2. Moyo at the Pier is great for cocktails or sundowners.

Image3. Best viewpoint: There’s Roma Revolving Restaurant in the city, but the best kept secret is the deck on the floor above the restaurant.  If you enter the restaurant, ask to go to the deck, and you will be shown to a dodgy staircase that leads to the best view in Durban!  There’s a bar where you can have drinks.
4. Freedom Cafe is a trendy restaurant in a container.
5. Wodka is a more expensive restaurant; the atmosphere and beautiful interior make it worth the price.  The food’s also good.
6. Spiga D’Oro is hands down the most popular restaurant for pizza/pasta in Florida Rd.
7.There are so many markets to enjoy in Durban over weekends: The Essenwood market is every Saturday from 9am to 2pm.  The I heart market is once a month on Sundays.  The Bulwer Park Market is great fun and the Litchi Orchard in Ballito has incredible Night Markets.
8. Davenport Rd. in Glenwood and Florida Rd. in Morningside has the best nightlife vibes with the streetlined restaurants.
9. Best curry: House of curries in Florida Rd.
10. For an authentic (slightly dodgy) Indian (moer hot) curry go to Hotel Brittanica.
11. You must drink coffee at Factory Cafe or Corner Cafe or Love coffee.
12. You can take a ride to the top of the incredible soccer stadium with a car!  It’s pretty awesome.  The more adventurous can walk up to the top or jump from the top.Image

13. Ushaka Marine World is a fun day if you like riding water slides and aquariums.
14. Beach Bums is a great chilled out restaurant on the way to Balito.  spend a lazy afternoon there – it’s right on the beach!
15. The Makaranga Lodge in Kloof is a posh venue for breakfasts and the gardens are full of amazing plants and sculptures.
16. In Umhlanga the deck of the Oyster Box is an ideal location for sipping cocktails.  The hotel also has different restaurants for different budgets.
17. Remo’s in Umhlanga is a nice restaurant for pizza or breakfast.
18. Wilson’s Wharf is Durban’s port.  There are a few restaurants and a theatre.  You can also take a boat cruise on the ocean from there.
19. The Batcentre is next to Wilson’s Wharf.  It’s an art centre and has a restaurant.
20.  I simply love Durban’s city centre.  You can park on the beachfront or at the Sun Coast Casino and take a People mover bus to the city for R5!  Go to the beautiful City Hall.
21. ‘The Cube’ look out point in Innes Road has a great view over Durban and it’s free!  Just park next to the road.
22. The Ricksha bus offers tours through the city.
23. Street Scene offers township tours and alternative ways to see the city.
24.  The Durban Botanical Gardens is a good spot for a picnic.


Keep your eyes peeled for monkeys in the city!


You can buy your own I love Durban hat at a stall next to the beach front!


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