Tasting wine at Concha y Toro, Santiago

Chile has a fantastic range of wines. The past weekend we had fun tasting wine with friends from South Africa!


We had to wear large blue stickers for our tour

We went to the well known wine farm Concha y Toro, which is one of the closest vineyards to Santiago.  To get there you need to take the metro to Plaza de Puente Alto and from there take a taxi to Concha y Toro.  We paid $8,600 CLP (18USD) per person for the traditional wine tour.  You can book a wine tour on the website, but we just showed up and were able to book and pay for the tour at the farm.  We had to wait about 45 minutes for the tour to start, and were slightly annoyed, because we weren’t allowed to walk anywhere on the huge farm.  A few tour guides told us to turn around and go back to the waiting spot (like naughty school children) when they found us exploring the grounds. So, we browsed through the gift shop and sat around until it was time for our English tour.


The start of the tour

The best part of the tour was that we got to taste the different grapes (uvas in Spanish) that are used to make wine (vino in Spanish). Some of the grapes were really small and bunched together tightly, while others were large and loose. Some tasted sweeter than others and I got unlucky with a few sour grapes. The farm has a specific area where they grow grapes for tourists to eat. Yum!Image


Dirk deur die blare


Durban friends!


We sampled three types of wine (one white and two reds) on the tour and got to take home the glasses with Concha y Toro logos on it. On the farm there is a cellar that is known as the Devil’s cellar.  Apparently the cellar has stayed in tact through many earthquakes, so people believe the Devil lives down there.


Ricardo, our tour guide talking about the wine


Oak barrels in the cellar

Down in the cellar we got to stand in the dark to watch a cheesy animated film about the devil in the cellar.


The Devil’s cellar

The Casillero del Diablo is a delicious wine; try it when you are in Chile!


The wine that comes from the Devil’s cellar. It even has the head of the devil on it. Image from http://limun.hr/

After the wine tour we ate empanadas at a streetcafe.  When I asked her, the lady at the cafe told me that it’s about ten minutes’ walk to the Santa Rita wine farm.  Which was a lie.  We walked for almost half an hour and there was no sign of it.  We then took a bus to a random other wine farm (The bus driver must have misunderstood me when I said Santa Rita, or perhaps he just decided that he will take us to any wine farm he wishes.)  I have to say, walking down the roads in the sun was maybe not the best idea.


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