Five objects that I’m packing into my suitcase

We’re packing up, getting ready to move to the next city on our list, Valparaiso.  It’s two hours from Santiago by bus.  I’m excited for the move, but also a little sad.  We’ve had fun living in our apartment here in Santiago and I’m sad to leave our new friends behind.  As part of the Weekly writing challenge by the daily post I have to write about an object, so I have selected a few objects from all the stuff laying around me, before I pack them into my giant suitcase.  All the objects are gifts that I received before or during this journey that I am currently on.Image

First, a beautiful travel journal given to me by my younger sister Joanet, before we embarked on this journey.  It has a special envelope where I keep postcards and maps.  There are beautiful coloured pages on which I have written some South African recipes.  Each page has the heading ‘Daily adventures and discoveries’ and my sister cheekily wrote down her name on the first page of ‘Friends to send a postcard to’.  The postcard was send last week, so I hope she receives it soon!Image

The second object is from my older sister, Moira who is currently in China or Holland or on her way to a new destination.  She has a really cool job that allows (or forces) her to travel to many exotic countries, sit in meetings with French speaking people and eat raw fish in restaurants.  She bought the bracelet as my Christmas gift in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (I didn’t even know a place like that existed), took it with her to South Africa and my parents shipped it to me here in Chile.  So, I’m grateful to own the most well-travelled bracelet in the world!Image

The third object is an incredible gift that was given to me by my friend Elmie before I left South Africa last year.  It’s a pendant made from an old South African coin.  Very South African.  Image

Fourth, a bangle, received by Anneke, also a South African friend, which is covered with hundreds of tiny beads in an African pattern.  It’s a great accessory for a black outfit, but I also love wearing it with other coloured clothes, because it’s so colourful it matches and clashes with everything at once!

The last object I do not have with me.  I received it for my birthday before we left South Africa, but unfortunately I had to leave it behind, because of baggage restrictions.  It’s a warm, knitted scarf that my friend Alet (high five ’cause we had a good skype chat today) gave me, and I have regretted leaving it behind many times.  The past weekend for example, when we were camping in Cajon del Maipo next to a river and I really needed that scarf around my neck.  I’ll be wiser next time when I do my packing for a trip.

So, that’s it!  Four objects (and a missing one) that I am packing in my suitcase right now!  Thank you for fantastic gifts friends and sisters!


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