A dream walk (The Open Air Museum in Valparaiso)

We now live with a cat.  Our bedroom is bigger than our bedroom in Santiago.  On the wall behind our bed is a giant canvas of two super models, which is a bit weird.


Is that Claudia Schiffer?

Our kitchen is smaller than the one in Santiago.  We have moved to (wait for it) Valparaiso!


This is intentionally a picture with me and Dirk in (see his shadow)

I absolutely love Valparaiso.  It’s a city with layers of texture and peeling paint.  There’s so much to discover here.  Around every corner hides a surprise, whether it be a stray dog or a colourful mural or a teenager smoking weed.   ImageImageImageDirk and I went for a sunset stroll and we encountered all of the above.ImageImageImageOn Cerro Bellavista is an Open Air Museum (Museo Cielo Abierto) with twenty murals painted by artists in the nineties.Image We found the ‘entrance’ to the museum on Calle Ferrari; the drivers must have thought the street name meant they had to drive the way they would drive a Ferrari – it was a bit scary, as the street was very steep and narrow.  The Open Air Museum is like a self guided walking tour where you follow one mural to the next.ImageUnfortunately the murals that form part of the official museum have faded and some murals have been painted over by vandals/ other graffiti artists. ImageImageImageThe best part about the Open Air Museum is the other artworks that you stumble upon on the walk.  These two are my favourite graffiti works that I’ve seen today: ImageImage


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