Exploring Valparaiso

I did a walking tour through Valparaiso today with a company called Tours for Tips.  Our tour guide, Austin, was quite entertaining and I really recommend doing this three hour walking tour where you decide how much you want to tip the tour guide at the end.  ImageThe tour included a fun yet shaky ride on an ‘acsensor’ (the best way to travel up the cerros in Valparaiso) and a ride on a tram.  At the top of the cerro (hill) we had a view all over the port of Valparaiso in front of the quirky Bellas Artes Museum.  ImageThe Art Museum was initially a house of an art collector.  The owner lived in the basement with his sister.ImageOur tour guide lead us through interesting alleyways (here it’s called passajes)…  Image…in streets past incredible murals…ImageImage…up and down many stairs.ImageImageA few stray dogs joined us on the tour.ImageImageAfter the last steep hill…Image…the tour ended with a shot of Pisco Sour and an incredible view.ImageI enjoyed the tour so much that I walked the route again with Dirk after his workday.  We came across two murals by the famous graffiti artist INTI.  We walked past one mural next to the street.ImageThe other mural is painted high above roofs of buildings and can only be seen from the viewpoint at Passaje Atkins – what a view!ImageAs recommended by Austin, the tour guide, we ate an oily Chorillana at the Domino Bar/Restaurant.  They serve the chorillana with a lettuce leave, maybe to give it a more healthy appearance.Image


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