Graffiti Artist in Valparaiso: Louis 5 and LRM

An exciting part of living in Valparaiso is that you get to know some of the street artists whose work appear more than once on walls or doors.  In our street, Calle Ecuador, we once saw an artist spray painting on a door.  When the work was complete, we inspected it and realised that the style is similar to a lot of the graffiti works in the street.ImageHe usually signs his work with “Louis 5” or a sketch like the one in the bottom left corner of the above picture.ImageThere are usually small figures in his graffiti art combined with pyramids, apples or geometric shapes.ImageIn one of the side streets leading from Calle Ecuador I discovered a mural that was a collaboration between Louis 5 and an artist who signs his/ her work as LRM.Untitled-3LRM’s large colourful murals can be found in various places throughout Valparaiso.  The picture below was taken close to Muelle Baron.

On Cerro Alegre you will also discover a large painting of a man in the same style and colours.


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