The road from Con Con

One Sunday this month we took a microbus to Con Con to explore the beach.  Dirk wanted to see why everyone says Con Con is a great spot for surfing.  You can catch a bus in the street closest to the ocean in Valparaiso.  The bus drives through Vina del Mar and Renaca before it reaches Con Con. ImageAfter chasing a dog from under an umbrella (people need to pay to ‘rent’ the umbrellas, but dogs get to lay under them for free), we spent time lazing about on the beach named ‘Playa La Boca’ – the mouth.  Dirk was not impressed with the waves and didn’t bother to rent a board to surf.  There are many places that rent surfboards and offer surfing lessons; the ocean seemed a bit overcrowded with all the beginner surfers in the water.


We had tacos for lunch at a rasta beach restaurant.  After lunch we decided to walk next to the coast to see what the other beaches in Con Con look like.  Between Con Con and Renaca (both towns next to the coast) there is a walkway next to the road.  The view of the bays and the ocean as you walk is incredible. ImageWe saw some interesting architecture – every town needs to have a building shaped as a ship it seems.  The large Lego blocks next to the road were fun to discover.ImageThere are a lot of pelicans in the coastal towns of Chile.  I am always surprised by how big these birds are.  I don’t know why people say that storks deliver babies;  a baby would fit into a pelican’s mouth without any trouble!  Walking on the road between Con Con and Renaca is definitely time well spent!  We watched a lovely sunrise from a lookout point and then took the bus from Renaca back to Valparaiso.


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