Then (2010) and Now (2014)…Valparaiso, Chile

The same man never crosses the same river twice.  We’ve been privileged to explore Chile once at the end of 2010 and now again this year.  I was surprised to see the same graffiti on the walls of Valparaiso that we saw when we were there the first time in 2010.  Dirk and I walked up to Cerro Artilleria and tried to take the same pictures that we took back in 2010.  The pictures on the left were taken in 2010 and the ones on the right were taken a few weeks ago.   ImageImageA sad thing that has changed, is that the ‘acsensor’ that took us up the hill in 2010 is currently not functioning.  Apparently it is being fixed and should be working again at the end of the month.ImageIt seemed as if the skies were a lot clearer when we were in Valparaiso in December 2010.  With winter approaching, the sky now is a dull grey.


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