Things we saw in Huilo Huilo

Huilo Huilo is a nature reserve in the South of Chile.  To get to Huilo Huilo, one takes a bus from Valdivia to Panguipulli (a two hour ride).  In Panguipulli you can book a seat on a bus to Neltume and ask the bus (Lafite) to stop at Huilo Huilo (a two hour ride).  The bus companies that travel these routes don’t have their timetables on their websites, so the best is to go to the terminal and do the trip one step at a time.


I encircled Huilo Huilo in red on this google map.

We had just bought a new tent, so we were looking forward to trying out the tent before our huge excursion to Torres del Paine at the end of the month!  Unfortunately, when we arrived at the Huilo Huilo campsite, we were informed that it was only open in Summer, so we never got to try out our tent.  There are two incredible hotels at Huilo Huilo.  A mushroom shaped one: ImageImage   …and a mountain hotel, complete with a waterfall running from the top:Image(Dirk slipped on a wet walkway while we explored the outside of the hotels and nearly broke his hip; we’re happy his fine and that all his joints are still functioning.)  Unable to afford the high prices of a hotel room, we caught a bus to the next town, Neltume to find accommodation.  All the campsites were closed.  On our way to find accommodation, we saw two cats in a staring competition:Image…one cat doing a tightrope walk on a fence:Image…a pack of stray puppies crossing the road:Image…geodesic dome structures:Image…and an incredible volcano:ImageAfter securing our room for the night, we walked to the powerful Huilo Huilo falls:ImageImageOn Sunday we rented bicycles and cycled all the way to Puerto Fuy (hou boude hou).ImageImageImageOn our way back, we picked up a stray dog as companion:ImageWe stopped for a well deserved beer at Petermann Cerveceria.ImageImageImageI was very happy that we found time to look at the Volcano Museum building.ImageAfter all that exercise I took a well deserved nap while waiting for the bus to take us back to Panguipulli!Image


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