Trekking Torres del Paine -Day 2

ImageWe had an icy start to our second day of trekking the ‘W’ trail in Torres del Paine.  Our first activity was to walk to the Glacier Gray look out point (mirador).  On the way we encountered lost of floating pieces of ice that had crumbled off the grand glacier.  Once again I was amazed by the blue colour of the ice.  ImageGlacier Gray from a distance:
ImageA closer view of the glacier:
Dirk was brave enough to break off a piece of ice… Image...and then he had to taste it of course!ImageImageAfter a look at the Glacier, we headed back to our campsite and loaded our backpacks on our backs to hike back the way we came from the day before.  We were not happy campers when we woke up, because mice had chewed holes into our brand new tent while we slept!  We were warned about the mice plague by other campers and did not keep any food or clothes with us while we slept, but this did not stop the mice.  They chewed holes into the tent bag, just for fun, because it was the only loose item in the tent.ImageOur route for day 1, is the blue route, so for day 2 we followed the green route.  From Refugio Gray back to Refugio Lago Pehoe and then onwards to Campamento Italiano.  We took a lot longer than we should have on day 1’s route, so I was nervous about day 2, since it was a lot longer.  ImageWe were able to see Glacier Gray from another mirador along the way.ImageImageWe reached Refugio Lago Pehoe in good time.  To sleep in a refugio it is recommended that you book beforehand.  The refugios close on 30 April for the winter season. ImageImageLago Pehoe was just as blue as the day before!ImageFor the second part of our day, we had different views of these stunning peaks:ImageJust around the corner we encountered mountains with glaciers on:ImageImageImageWe saw some more burned trees…Image…and autumn colours.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageThe bridge made us feel very welcome at Campamento Italiano, but the guard there wasn’t very friendly.  There also was no safe place for us to store our backpacks and food.  ImageImageThis is our new green tent that we used for the first time in Torres del Paine.  The other tent belonged to two Israelis who we befriended.  They showed up with shouts of joy in the dark.  They had walked more than 25 kms that day and were dead tired.Image


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