Trekking Torres del Paine – day 3

ImageOn our third day of hiking the ‘W’ trail in Torres del Paine, we woke up at Campamento Italiano only to discover that our plot to outwit the mice had failed.  ImageThey had eaten various holes of various sizes through both our backpacks that we had ‘hidden’ in different trees.  Luckily our food that Dirk had hung on a branch were untouched.  The mice had eaten the bread of our Israeli friends that we had met the previous night.ImageLuckily our route for the day was not too intense (the black line on the map indicates our route for day 3):ImageThe first part of the day consisted of hiking the ‘middle leg’ of the ‘W’.  People do this without backpacks, because you retrace your steps.  We left ours a distance away from the camp, to prevent another attack by the evil mice.  Because it was almost winter, the route to Campamento Britanico was closed because of snowfall.  We were only able to walk until the incredible mirador (lookout) at Valle Francia, right in the middle of the ‘W’. ImageLike the previous days, we were again amazed by the autumn colours and snowy mountains.
ImageImageAfter an hour’s walk we reached the mirador that offered breathtaking views.ImageImageImageWe heard ad saw a few mini avalanches on the mountains behind us.ImageIn the above photo, there is a large glacier on the left side.  This is a close up of the glacier:ImageYou can actually count the different layers (possibly the different years?) of ice and mud.  Below is a close up of the glacier on the right side of us in the photo.  You can see the blue colours coming through. ImageImageWe returned to Campamento Italiano for a quick lunch and then prepared to hike the 2 hours to Campamento Los Cuernos.  Ori, the one guy from Israel joined our ‘hiking team’, as his friend, Dan was too tired and sick to continue after their first hectic hiking day.  So, the three of us set off to the next Campamento.  We walked at a fast pace without taking a lot of pictures, because it started raining.  We were wet and eager to get to our next shelter.  ImageJust before we reached Campamento Los Cuernos, we came across a pebbly beach next to Lago Nordenskjold. ImageThe refugio at Campamento Los Cuernos was lovely and warm.  As it continued raining , we spent the rest of the afternoon sitting in the warm communal living room.  It was entertaining to watch the different groups of hikers as they arrived at the refugio.  We met a sweet Belgian couple, four Scottish people and a loud bunch of French hikers.  The refugio had a nice fireplace that served as drying area for the hikers’ wet clothes and shoes.  Image


One thought on “Trekking Torres del Paine – day 3

  1. Lovely pictures! I particularly like the one of the mountains and the full trees in autumn colours! Pity about the mice, and the rain.

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