Nightlife in Buenos Aires

Not only is today Friday the thirteenth, it is also the birthday of three friends of mine and the day that Spain plays against Holland in the FIFA World cup!  I supported Spain till the winning end in the previous world cup, but I haven’t decided who I’ll be supporting in today’s match.  I’ve met so many lovable, friendly people from the Netherlands in Chile that I’m leaning towards the Netherlands.  That and the fact that Fernando Torres (the main reason for my support of Spain) is only a substitute in this match.

Enough Soccer talk.  We’ve been in Buenos Aires for almost two weeks and I’m loving it!  We’ve had some fun nights out, here are a few things you can check out when you come to Buenos Aires:

1. Fuerza Bruta


A perfomer above the audience

We attended the show last night at the Recoletta Cultural Centre and it is mindblowingly amazing!  Travellers that we met in Uruguay told us about the show.  You can not miss this if you are in Buenos Aires!  It’s not a traditional theatre show or musical.  The performers (dancers, acrobats, musicians, I don’t really know what to call them) don’t have one stage, they can appear from anywhere, even above your head.  The audience don’t have seats – they stand and move around to make way for the props, performers and moving stages.  At the end of the show the whole audience is invited to dance along with the performers.  When you leave the show you are covered in glitter, white pieces of paper and water.  Tickets are not that expensive, from USD15, depening on what day you go.

2. La Bomba de Tiempo


On Mondays at the Konex Cultural Centre they have a drumming circle/ show.  It’s a lot of fun to watch for USD7.

IMG1810The best part is actually after the show, when the whole crowd marches down the streets of Buenos Aires following drummers as they lead you to the after party!  The guys have a lot of energy on stage.  Members of the audience smoke a lot of weed, so be prepared to enjoy the show in a smoky atmosphere.

3. 878 

Our flat owner Annie told us about this bar 878 (ocho siete ocho) in Thames street.  It’s kind of underground, if you don’t know the address you would walk past it without realising that there is a club/ bar there.  The bouncer standing outside the door is the only give away that there might be a reason to enter.  Inside the place is packed with people and the cocktails are great.  I had a refreshing American Julep.  Apparently there are a few bars in the city where you need a password to enter.  I’m looking forward to explore some of those!   There are also e few closed door restaurants where people serve you in their homes and you need to make a booking in advance.


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