Hidden treasures in Buenos Aires

Things are not always what they seem in this city!  On Florida Road (the famous pedestrian street where people overwhelm tourists with brochures for shows and sales) there is a Burger King.DSC_4606 It might possibly be the most impressive Burger King you have ever been inside!  Beautiful or kitsch…that’s open for debate.

DSC_4610DSC_4607 Downstairs where you order food it looks just like any fast food restaurant.  But once you ascend the staircase…DSC_4608 …you will see that you are inside a great ornamental old building!DSC_4609  The tacky plastic chairs look a bit out of place in this grand building, doesn’t it?DSC_4611


Then there’s this bookstore…I mean theatre … I mean bookstore…DSC_5150DSC_5151It’s a theatre turned into a bookstore!  How fantastic!

DSC_5146 The El Ateneo Grand Splendid in the big Santa Fe shopping street, is one of Buenos Aires’ most famous book stores.DSC_5149DSC_5148Many famous artists performed here, including Carlos Gardel.  In 2000 the seats were taken out of the theatre and replaced with bookshelves.
DSC_5152The bookstore is very accommodating to tourists – they allow people to take as many photos as they want!DSC_5156DSC_5159From the outside, the shop doesn’t look very big or very special, but don’t be fooled!DSC_5162


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