Dogs and dog walkers in Buenos Aires

A very amusing sight in Buenos Aires is to see a dog walker walking dogs.  I’ve seen people walk dogs for money in other cities, but nowhere is it as entertaining as in Buenos Aires.  Each dog walker has a minimum of five dogs on leashes.  I’ve seen a dog walker with twenty dogs; no kidding!


I count at least ten dogs with this guy!

I assume people pay dog walkers to walk the dogs, because there are so many apartments without gardens in the city.  The dog owners are working during the daytime and someone has to take the dog out of the apartment for some fresh air.  The dog walkers walk next to the streets in the city and they end up in parks.  to see a dog walker in a park is even more fun than watching them in the street.


Dogs tied to a tree.

IMG1753The dog walkers go to specific parks with lots of trees.  Then they tie the dogs to the trees.  And watch them.  Sometimes they give the dogs water and food, but that’s all the dog walkers do.  They don’t play with the animals; they just watch them as they bark at each other.  I wonder if the dog owners are fine with the idea that their dog is being walked to a park, just to be tied down there?  IMG1754 IMG1755 I think there’s a science behind how the dogs are tied to the trees (some are tied to anchors in the ground).  If the dog is aggressive, it gets tied to a tree by itself on  very short leash.  Friendlier dogs are tied together (sometimes five in a bunch) and playful dogs get a longer leash to run around. IMG1756  People in Buenos Aires really love their dogs.  Here’s a photo of someone’s dogs who work with them in a window and mirror shop.  The dogs look like part of the window display:IMG1768


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