Pancakes and Pastries in Cordoba, Argentina

We are in Cordoba, Argentina.  We are staying in a hostel/ backpackers named Che Salguero in the area known as Nueva Cordoba.  While we are staying here, I am volunteering at the hostel.  I have signed up as a volunteer on the workaway website.  For a once-off fee you can register and apply to hosts who are looking for volunteers all over the world.  With this type of arrangement, people can travel for a long time without spending too much money.  At hostels you usually exchange a few hours of work per day for free accommodation.  Another website that have been recommended, but I haven’t used yet is Helpx.  If you are looking to travel, but don’t know how to fund your travels, these websites are good places to start looking for options.

I am having so much fun at the hostel!  The owner makes flavoured pancakes for breakfast each morning!  Together with the pastries (called facturas here) it is the most delicious breakfast I have ever had.  2014-07-02 10.15.57Most of the guests plan on staying for a night or two, but extend their stay – it’s just the type of place where people hang out and relax.

2014-06-30 15.51.15

The scoreboard behind the bar for the soccer world cup!

Here we are relaxing with a shared mate – a caffeine drink that people drink in Uruguay and Argentina.  You pour boiling water over mate leaves and drink it with a bombillo (metal straw):2014-07-05 20.26.272014-07-05 20.42.28

2014-07-05 20.24.53

Apart from our delicious breakfasts, we’ve been splurging on Empanadas (oven baked pastries), because the empanada shop is just around the corner from the hostel.  The ‘carne dulce’ (sweet meat) flavour is the best:

2014-07-06 21.13.22On Thursdays there’s a fresh fruit and vegetable market just a block away from the hostel, so we’ve bought a large pack of soup vegetables and then made two large pots of soup from it.2014-07-03 11.42.292014-07-03 11.41.292014-07-03 11.46.14 2014-07-03 11.47.00 2014-07-03 11.48.34 2014-07-03 11.49.37 In the spirit of the hostel, we have also decided to extend our stay here, so instead of leaving this weekend, we’ll be leaving in the middle of next week.    


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