Is Australia the land of milk and honey?

When you travel, you get to meet all sorts of interesting people.  The pictures in this blog show a fantastic pizza night that we had in the hostel.  Pizza over a braai – delicious!  Que rico!DSC_6078

Dirk and I have been staying at the Che Salguero Hostel in Cordoba, Argentina and we have seen many friendly foreign faces come and go the past two weeks.  DSC_6079Some people are extremely amusing, like the French guy who travels with his trumpet and plays in plazas and streets for some travel/ beer money.  OK, he was amusing the first night; the second and third night he got a bit too loud.  I mean, everybody loves to hear the Pink Panther song once, not five times on one night.  In his defense, every time a new person walked into the Dining room, they did request the damn song. There was also the Irish guy who lost his I-phone and girlfriend in the festivities after Argentina beat Holland.  The I-phone was stolen.  The girlfriend didn’t know the address of the hostel or how to get back.  The tourism police got involved.  For the Irish couple it was traumatic.  For everyone else it was hilarious.  The hostel has bracelets with the name and address of the hostel on that they give to people who plan on getting ridiculously drunk and forgetful.  The girlfriend should have taken one. Then there was the snorer.  An older man from Argentina who was staying at the hostel when we came.  He watched soccer all day long and at night kept his dorm room awake with his snoring.  He was dubbed the snoring machine.  People complained and moved rooms.  Guests slept during the day, just to get in some rest.  It was awful and awkward and amusing.  The owner finally gave in and asked him to leave.  And leave the snorer did.  He didn’t pay his outstanding accommodation fees and he left behind his bag and cellphone charger.  DSC_6081On our first night at the hostel there were a lot of Irish people, who were set on drinking a lot of beer.  It’s interesting how groups of people from the same country suddenly arrive at the hostel.  The Ausies came after the Irish group.  And French people.  DSC_6082Thanks to the two amazing French friends we made in Santiago, Chile, I have developed a liking of the French.  They are not at all snobbish and rude as Parisians are known to be.  The French are creative and entertaining.  They tango and rap and sing out loud and play trumpet. DSC_6083 Now a few words about the Ausies.  I have always been prejudiced people from Australia.  Jeepers, anybody who sat through a few episodes of Neighbours, that horrible Australian soap, in their childhood would be prejudiced too!  They talk funny and say words like ‘wallaby’ and ‘mate’ and they often beat South Africa in cricket and rugby.  If you add the fact that many South Africans had immigrated to Australia about twenty years ago, I don’t think I can be blamed for not liking people from Australia.DSC_6084 So, great was my surprise when a few Australians showed up in the hostel and they were…not annoying.  Likable actually.  And then more Ausies showed up and they were likable too!  DSC_6086As we chatted a bit about their country, I started to realize why many people would go to live in Australia.  It’s safe (apart from the giant spiders) and the society is equal.  But the thing that blows my mind is that people make a lot of money there.DSC_6087 The guys we met from Australia called themselves ‘tradies’ – they didn’t go to University.  They do manual labour like plastering or plumbing and earn so much money that they are able to travel for two years on end.  Two years.  I still can’t comprehend it!  They sat around and discussed about how wrong it is that a plumber make as much money as a doctor in Aus.  What?!  They said they didn’t really want to go back to Australia to work, but it’s just so easy to work for a few months and then travel for years.  DSC_6090The same Irish guy who lost his girlfriend did telemarketing in Aus for a few months.  And he got paid very well for sitting around nd doing very little. So, I think I’m starting to understand why people would like a country like Australia.  And why people would move there.  Maybe the grass really is greener over there.DSC_6092


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