Sweet things in Argentina

I have to admit that I’m addicted to alfajores.  What is an alfajor?  It is a delicious combination of a cookie and a chocolate!  The best place to buy alfajores in Buenos Aires is Abuela Goye –  a chain of shops where you can buy delicious ice cream (try the black berry and pear – yum!) and other treats as well.  Here’s a picture of Dirk in front of a shop:2014-06-22 16.01.52 Abuela means grandmother in Spanish, that’s why Dirk is next to an old lady.  An alfajor fits into the palm of your hand:2014-06-22 16.02.33The price is usually close to 1 USD, making it difficult to resist!  It consists of two soft cookies with dulce de leche (similar to South African condensed milk) in between the cookies.  Everything is covered with chocolate – it’s like eating a chocolate covered cookie.
2014-06-22 16.03.17 Alfajores come in different flavors: some have chocolate mouse inside, some are covered in white chocolate or nuts.  The second best place to buy alfajores from, is the Havanna coffee shops that you will find scattered all over Buenos Aires.  Don’t leave Argentina without trying one of these!  Another sweet thing to try is this cone shaped treat:2014-07-09 15.32.23The whole cone is filled with dulce de leche:2014-07-09 15.32.46


3 thoughts on “Sweet things in Argentina

    • Oe, ek wil niks belowe nie, want dit gaan moeilik wees om so lekkerny vir vier maande in `n tas te spaar…ons sal kyk of dit moontlik sal wees!

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