Pizza and a travel tip in Buenos Aires

One of the oldest pizza joints in Buenos Aires is in Corrientes Avenue, close to the Uruguay subway stop.  You will see the sign sticking out on the street.  At Guerrin Pizza you can stand in line to order a take away slice (pizza by the slice is a big thing in BA) or you can sit down to eat a whole pizza.  We chose the sit down option: 2014-06-18 19.54.23The inside of the restaurant is not very cosy and they are quite pricey.  Be warned…the pizza is very cheesy!  You may have a heart attack after eating one of these:  2014-06-18 19.55.29

My travel tip:  Next to Guerrin is a theater and a cartelera (ticket booth) at 1382 Avda. Corrientes where you can buy tickets for any kind of show you like.  I bought tickets for a tango show there for less than 100pesos per person – if you search on the internet you will struggle to find tango tickets for less than 300pesos.  You can get tickets for La Bomba de Tiempo   or other theater performances too.  Check it out! 

Another brand of pizza restaurants that you will see all over Buenos Aires is Kentucky Pizza.  They have neon lights and are usually located on a corner.  We once ordered a take away pizza from Kentucky and it was piled high with all the toppings!  The two slices on top of the pizza are faina slices – some kind of corn pizza.2014-06-28 19.46.50


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