Japanese Gardens in Buenos Aires


If you see this bull in Buenos Aires, you will know that you are close to the Japanese Gardens!

This past weekend we had fun exploring the Japanese Gardens in Buenos Aires.  Entrance to the Japanes Gardens is 32 pesos (3 USD) and it’s free for children under 12.  We went on Sunday afternoon when the whole of Buenos Aires were there for a ‘tranquil’ time.  I’m being sarcastic, because the gardens were filled with people; you had to stand in queues to cross the bridges! DSC_6579 DSC_6582 DSC_6583

Even with the park full of people, it was still a fun outing.  The gardens are beautiful with the pond, flowers, sculptures and bridges. DSC_6585 Dirk came well prepared with a hot water flask and we looked quite like locals as we sat on a bench and sipped mate.DSC_6587 DSC_6590 DSC_6591 DSC_6593 The pond held the largest Koi fishes that I have ever seen!  There are also smaller breeding ponds where baby Koi fish swim.DSC_6596It was a very cold day and the pretty flowers made it seem a bit warmer.DSC_6601The Japanese Restaurant had a flying fish flag in front!DSC_6602DSC_6606DSC_6608As a final treat, just before we left the gardens, we saw a bit of Sumo wrestling taking place in a hall.  Yes, the men really did wear those funny pants:DSC_6609


One thought on “Japanese Gardens in Buenos Aires

  1. Wow, all the photos looks so strange with all the people in there!! Normally Japanese gardens are semi-empty.

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