Two nights in Bogota, Colombia

We are in Colombia!  After a very calm airport experience in Buenos Aires, a four hour stopover in Sao Paolo, Brasil, we arrived in Bogota early on Wednesday morning, blurry eyed and very tired. 

Qucik side story> Four years ago when Dirk and I were at the Buenos Aires Airport, we had the worst travel/airport experience.  The queue at the SAA desk was so long that we waited two hours in line.  By the time we got to the front, the flight was overbooked and we had to wait for them to either tell us if they have seats for us or not.  This was to no fault of our own, we were at the airport early!  We waited at the check in desk as the minutes to boarding time was ticking away.  Eventually they said, OK, they have seats for us, checked our bags in, and said that we had a few minutes to pass the security checks and to board the plane.  At the security gate there were another line of people, at leats an hour’s wait!  The SAA airhostess told us that we have to ask other passengers to get to the front of the line, otherwise we will miss the flight.  She said they were not able to assist people to move quicker through the security check!  People stared at us as if we were assholes who had arrived late and now expected to be treated like royalty!  It was horrible.  Luckily there were a few nice people in the front of the line who let us through, and we just made the plane back home to South Africa!  I don’t know why SAA had such bad service that day at the airport.  Whatever the reason, now SAA no longer fly to and from Argentina.  We’ll by flying home at the end of the year from Brasil.  

So, we made it to Colombia!

2014-08-08 13.23.39 2014-08-08 13.34.10We spent two nights in Bakano Hostel in the La Candelaria area, the historic part of the city.  There are a lot of museums around here.  We were surprised to see many policemen and army men with giant guns walking in the streets.  The reason for that was apparently the Presidential inauguration that took place yesterday in a plaza close to our hostel.  Today there were a lot less policemen and guns on the streets.

Dirk found a nice cowork space to work at in Chapinero, a more modern area where there are malls and tall buildings.  Tonight we are going to Medellin to look at the flower festival that is held every year at the beginning of August.    


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