Medellin Botanical Gardens

Every day in Medellin is a sunny day, so if you’re heading to the Botanical Garden, be sure to take sunscreen and a hat!IMG_1306The great thing about the Botanical Gardens – it’s free!  Inside the gardens there is an exhibition space covered with an interesting timber structure:IMG_1222 I enjoyed learning herb names in Spanish in the herb gardens:IMG_1239 There is a pond in the middle of the gardens where ducks and fish swim and turtles sunbathe on rocks:IMG_1251 These four remind me of the Teenage mutant ninja turtles:IMG_1254 IMG_1255 The desert garden had interesting plants that looked like snakes:IMG_1258 IMG_1264Plants growing in Medellin must be pretty happy; it’s so nice and warm here and it rains almost every night – lovely tropical weather!
IMG_1266 There is a theatre inside the gardens – this green wall behind the stage just shows how easy plants grow in this climate:IMG_1278An old train carriage is turned into a restaurant:
IMG_1290The guy at the Butterfly world was very friendly and happy that he had someone to practice his English with.  There are 3800 different species of butterflies in Colombia.  In the Colombian amazone there are apparently butterflies with wings as big as forearms!  These butterflies look like they have eyes on their wings:IMG_1270 This beautiful sculpture is hidden between the plants:2014-08-14 13.21.25You exit the Botanical Gardens through a spiral structure:IMG_1304 


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