Up the cable car in Medellin, Colombia

Our Saturday in Medellin started with frying our ripe platanos (not bananas) in a pan for breakfast:2014-08-16 09.42.31 It made a delicious breakfast with arepas and fruit salad.  The strange objects are placed on the stove top to heat the arepas (corn flapjack). 2014-08-16 09.42.582014-08-16 09.42.34The famous South African artist, William Kentridge (known for his charcoal sketches and video art) has an exhibition at the Modern Art Museum in Medellin, so we went to see what it was about.IMG_1323There were a lot of video art works; some funny, some with political and social messages.  These sculptures are impressive: IMG2246IMG2247 The mirror in the centre of this artwork bends the image so that you can see it with the correct proportions:IMG2250After our culture dose for the day, we took one of Medellin’s cable cars up to a neighbourhood high up on the mountain.  
IMG2253The city of Medellin lies in a valley between mountains.  As the city grows, it sprawls up the green hills that surround it.  IMG2254Carlos, our Airbnb host explained to us that people are divided into income groups based on where they live.  The place we are renting falls in the category 4, which is middle class.  Category six is the highest and one is the lowest category.  Your category determines how much you pay in tax, water and electricity.  The neighbourhoods on these hills to where the cable car took us, would probably be in the lowest category.  IMG2256Medellin’s metro system combined with cable cars give people living far away from the city centre the opportunity to travel from home to work for almost 1USD.  That’s right; we just had to pay the price of one metro ticket to take a joyride in a cable car with an incredible view!IMG2258 Imagine if this was your daily commute to work!IMG2259 The houses and buildings on the outskirts of the city are all red brick buildings; from near and far everything looks the same.IMG2260 The Colombians who were in the cable car with us wanted to take pictures; so we obliged and also took pictures of our own.  This one is for my mother who always wants to know what the people in the cities we visit look like.  These are friendly Colombians from Bogota; they were also doing the cable car ride as a sight seeing activity:IMG2262 IMG2263 IMG2265 IMG2266 IMG2267 IMG2269 IMG2270 IMG2271At the metro station is a painting by Fernando Botero, one of Colombia’s most famous artists.  He usually paints or sculpts figures with strange oversized proportions.
IMG2272 The lights of Medellin as we got off the cable car:IMG2273


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