Beautiful Cartagena


A Sculpture in Getsemani – the area where we are staying

Cartagena, a city on the Caribbean coast is incredibly hot.  If you wake up at as early as seven o’clock in the morning, it is already warm and it stays warm until late at night.  In our dormroom we sleep in with the aircon on.  


I am volunteering in a hostel in Cartagena.  It is a small family-run hostel with 7 rooms.  Cartagena is an incredibly beautiful and romantic city.  It feels old.  I can imagine dramatic love stories taking place between the cobblestone streets and grand churches.  


There is an area named ‘The old city’, surrounded by a thick stonewall.  In the old city balconies look down onto the streets and there are many vendors selling curios and bags and fruits.  There are also boutique shops selling very expensive clothing, probably for the tourists staying in the hotels next to the ocean.   The entrance to the ‘old city’ is marked by this clock tower: IMG_0155IMG_0059 Inside the old city there is a plaza with adorable sculptures:IMG_0081 IMG_0086 IMG_0091 IMG_0093 IMG_0095 IMG_0096 This shows the view of the street and the row of hotels from the old wall:IMG_0097 IMG_0101 IMG_0113 IMG_0114 IMG_0116 There is one Botero Sculpture in the ‘old city’!IMG_0117 IMG_0133 IMG_0150  


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