When in Bogota…go up Cerro Monteserrate

Bogota, the capital of Colombia is home to around 7 million Colombians and the largest city in Colombia in terms of land area.  It is is the third-highest capital city in South America at 2,640 metres above sea level.  We climbed even higher to 3,152 metres when we climbed up to the top of Cerro Monteserrate, the mountain in the city centre. Untitled-1It was hard exercise to climb the 1500 steps to the top of this pilgrim and tourist destination.
Untitled aFor my friends who have not yet seen my new hairstyle – I had my hair braided on a beach in Cartagena by a Colombian woman.  I will keep it this way for the next week or so.  In warm Cartagena it is a fashion to wear your hair braided – I think it’s more comfortable to have braided hair in the heat and humidity.  Here in cold, rainy Bogota people don’t really wear their hair braided; so I look like a silly tourist here between the students and working people.

This beautiful church is at the top of the hill/ mountain:DSC_8265There is a chapel behind the church with stunning stained glass windows and a beautiful ceiling:Untitled-2We were surprised to find a few restaurants at the top of the hill.  This beautiful bell tower leads the way to the restaurants:
DSC_8245 There are also food stalls where you can buy all the delicious street food that Colombia has to offer, such as arepas and creamy cheese and also many souveniers:Untitled-3One can relive the story of the crucification of Christ by walking past the twelve statues on the hill:
UntitledThe view from the top of the hill is magnificent.  We chose a day when it wasn’t raining to walk up the hill, but as usual, there were clouds in the sky.  We could still identify landmarks such as churches and Plaza Bolivar from the top of the hill:DSC_8269We took the teleferico (cablecar) down to the city. There is also a funicular that you can ride up or down the hill.  DSC_8212


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