Very Colombian items

We are suffering a bit in Colombia: it’s a struggle to find good cuts of meat, wine is incredibly expensive and decent chocolate is hard to come by. We also had an impossible task trying to find gas to use in our camping stove! However, there are other interesting things that can be found here:

1.Coffee for gringos: Juan Valdez is kind of like the Colombian version of Starbucks. Apparently Starbucks has just opened the first branch in Colombia. It seems a bit late, seeing that all their coffee come from Colombia.2014-08-19 15.49.512.Pedicures. And all sorts of spa treatments at good prices. I went for a pedicure in Medellin, where it is very important to have colourful toes and nails – to match the neon outfits!2014-08-20 14.26.17 3.Empanadas. As in all the other South American countries we’ve been in. Here the empanadas are small, deep fried and are sometimes made with a maize pastry. An empanada costs less than 1USD.2014-08-22 12.48.23 4.Frijoles. Beans are plentiful here. In soup or other types of dishes. This dish was a course in a menu del dia in Medellin:2014-08-23 13.40.29 5.Bus decorations. This was particularly true in Cartagena. Every bus had different decorations inside. Some also had bright colourful lights on the outside, making traffic at night very entertaining.2014-09-11 11.17.11 6.Platano chips. There are a lot of deep fried street food here. These chips are delicious.2014-09-24 16.21.10 7.Interesting fruit. This is called Pitahaya or dragonfruit. You scoop out the inside with a spoon. It tastes a bit like a prickly pear. Delicious!2014-09-16 19.26.462014-09-16 19.27.358.Dishwashing soap. They don’t use liquid soap here, they use bowls of soft soap that you rub a cloth into. It smells a bit like Sunlight soap in South Africa:DSC_8402 9.Hot chocolate for breakfast. I think it’s a trend in Bogota. You buy the chocolate in bars and melt it into warm milk and water:DSC_8404 10.Things in squeezable packaging. Marmalade, mayonaise, sauce, it all comes in packets:DSC_8406


3 thoughts on “Very Colombian items

  1. Is coffee then cheap there? How much a cup? Are those Platano chips made from bananas or their other fruit? I like your toe nails, introduce that fashion in South Africa!

    • Cuppacino at Juan Valdez is 3,600 COP (ZAR20). You can buy cheaper sweetened coffee from streetvendors called ‘tinto’ for 500COP (less than ZAR6)

  2. Interesting that every country has it’s own way of doing things, like the decorated buses! The hot chocolate may be tastefull, but it seems gross to eat ! Cadbury for me thank you!

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