Is it a spaceship or a pyramid? No, it’s Rio’s Metropolitan Cathedral!

I like interesting buildings, buildings that are oddly shaped and just downright strange. This building in Rio de Janeiro was rated as the sixth ugliest building in the world (according to our tour guide on the walking tour we did this past Saturday): DSC_0031I can’t say that I like the building. It looks like a giant game of Jenga! This building, however, does interest me:DSC_0403DSC_0032 It looks like a Mayan pyramid, but it isn’t. The building is a cathedral! This is the equally strange belltower: DSC_0036 The 75m high Metropolitan Cathedral (also known as the Saint Sebastian Cathedral) is one of the sights you must visit when you are in Rio. The cathedral took 12 years to built – construction started in 1964. The conical shape symbolizes people’s closeness to God. He really did get his inspiration from the Mayan pyramids. DSC_0056DSC_0042 Twenty thousand (standing) people can fit into the cathedral. When the Pope visited Brasil, he came to this Cathedral.DSC_0045 We visited the Cathedral on a Saturday, so unfortunately we didn’t experience the beautiful accoustics of the building when people sing.  DSC_0046 The cathedral has four floor-to-ceiling coloured glass windows that connect at the top with a cross. The windows symbolise God descending to man on earth. The sides of the pyramid allows natural light to enter the building, creating a spiritual atmosphere inside. The address of the cathedral is Rua Carlos Sampaio, 251 – Centro, in Rio’s financial centre.DSC_0048 DSC_0049 DSC_0050


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