America, land of the free refill


So many American flags


That is Lake Michigan behind me

We are on the road again! After a fantastic four months in South Africa, Dirk and I are eager to see more of the Americas. Right now we are in Chicago. This past weekend we drove around Lake Michigan – almost 1000 miles.


We drove through four states- Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin.It’s supposed to be Spring time in the USA, but as you can see from the pictures, Lake Michigan is still iced in places and there are still snow on some roads. We had to roll our eyes for the stupidity of some people yesterday: a main news report in Michigan was that a two year old fell into a cheetah enclosure at a zoo…he fell, because his parents were dangling him above the enclosure, by the legs! The toddlers only injured his leg – the cheetah wasn’t interested in eating him. The zoo is trying to sue the parents for child endangrrment or something.


2 thoughts on “America, land of the free refill

  1. Lekker in die sneeu gespeel. Ek is jaloers, het nog nie sulke ordentlike sneeu gesien of kon daarin speel nie.

  2. Darem maar ‘n patriotiese nasie met die baie vlae ne! Hoop julle het ook ‘n SA enetjie saamgevat. Ons hoop dit word gou warmer.

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