Five words/ things that you will find in Mexico City


I have been in Mexico City for a week. The city has that quality (whatever the quality is) that make tourists who only came for a few days, stay or return for months on end. Maybe it has something to do with the 180 day visa that many people receive on entrance. As South Africans, we were able to enter with our USA visas and received the 180 day visa.

After seven days of exploring (mostly around the giant public park Parque Chapultapec), the following five things (for lack of a better word) is what any day in Mexico consist of:

1. Bougainvillas



These beautiful purple and red flowers grow here in abundance. There are bushes of the flowers growing higher than most trees next to the streets.

2. Squirrels



These rodents are too tame for my liking; some of them run up to you, expecting food or snacks.

3. Murals


The above mural is in the Poliforma conference centre. It is painted by David Alfaro Siquieres. There are many murals by different artists all over the city.

4. Tacos


On every corner there seems to be a taco stand. Don’t forget to put cilantro and onions on yours!

5. Mexicans



The people from Mexico are friendly and comical. Dirk has been stopped on his way twice now; once to help a lady to look over a fence at a dog and another time to help ladies store stuff in a high shelf. He must be the tallest person they’ve seen in a while. Some people even know Die Antwoord music group from South Africa!


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