Walking in Paseo de Montejo in Merida. (Caminando en Paseo de Montejo en Merida)

Dirk and I took two Spanish lessons when we were in San Cristobal de las casas. I am embarrassed to have to admit that it is clear that Dirk has improved and expanded his Spanish vocabulary and grammar and my level of Spanish is at this moment lower than his.

So, my goal, for the remaining five months of travelling, is to spend a few hours each day either reading or writing or learning Spanish. One exercise that I will do today is to write a few sentences in the past tense. I will first write the Spanish sentence, and then follow it up with the English translation. (My tablet doesn’t allow me to put the accents on the Spanish words.)

Ayer yo camine en el Paseo de Montejo. Ese es un calle en Merida que creo para estar similar de calle Champs Elysées en Paris. Yo fue decepcionado. El calle Champs Elysées es mucho mas mejor.
Yesterday I walked in Paseo dr Montejo. It is a street in Merida that was created to be similar to the Champs Elysées in Paris. I was disappointed. The Champs Elysées is a lot better.


Yo vesti mi gaffas y mi sombrero negro.
I wore my sunglasses and black hat.

Yo vi uno installacion de arte…
I saw an art installation…


…pero, en realidad, solo fue la entrada por Walmart grande.
…but, in reality, it was only the entrance to a big Walmart.


Hube mucho casas grande y lujoso a lado el calle. Yo escuche pajaros estan cantan en los arbolles.
There were many big and luxurious houses next to the street. I heard birds singing in the trees.


Este scultura impressionante fue en el centro de calle. La bandera de Mexico movio en la brisa.
This impressive sculpture was in the middle of the street. The Mexican flag moved in the breeze.


Me gusta esos arboles con las flores rojas. Yo vi mucho de esos arboles durante mi camino. Fue muy caloroso durante mi camino.
I like these trees with red flowers. I saw many of these trees during my walk. It was very hot during my walk.


Yo sace mucho fotos.
I took many photos.


No hube mucho otro gente en el calle. Fue demasiado caloroso.
There were not many other people in the street. It was too hot.


Yo vi esa casa viejo y moderno. Nadie vivio alla.
I saw this old and modern house. Nobody lived there.


Me gusta esta silla blanca. Hay mucho de esas en los plazas.
I like this white seat. There are many of them in the plazas.



Esta casa es un museo tambien. Yo no entre.
This house is also a museum. I didn’t go inside.


Esta iglesia es la Iglesia de Santa Ana y es muy cerca nuestro casa en Merida. En noche tiene luzes hermosos.
This church is the church of Santa Ana. It is very close to our house in Merida. At night it is beautifully lit.



10 thoughts on “Walking in Paseo de Montejo in Merida. (Caminando en Paseo de Montejo en Merida)

  1. Very good translations. Would you mind if I give you some corrections in order for you to learn a bit more. I’m Puerto Rican and can help you with the Spanish. 😉

      • Ok, just a few so it’s not overwhelming and I hope they help.

        Ayer caminé por el Paseo de Montejo. Esta calle en Merida fue creada para que se asemeje a la calle Champs Elysées en París. ¡Me desdepcionó! La calle Champs Elysées es mejor. Vestí mis gafas y sombrero negro. Vi una instalación de arte, pero, en realidad, solo era la entrada a un Walmart. Habían muchas casas grandes y lujosas al lado de la calle. Escuché los pájaros cantando en los árboles.

        Let me know if you need anymore help, enjoy your day!

  2. Ohhhh, by the way. Here in Puerto Rico the tree with the red orange flowers are called Flamboyanes and bloom during the end of may until july. Is a beautiful tree brought by the Spaniards during the colonization.

  3. As ek reg kyk is dit die boom wat ons deesdae ‘n vlamboom noem. ‘n Gepaste naam want dit was eers die kaf ..rboom!
    By ons blom dit vroeg in die lente. Dit is eers oortrek met die pragtige rooi blomme en kry dan geleidelik blare. Ek kon gewoonlik nie wag dat dit moet blom nie, want daar was ‘n ry op die middelmannetjie van een van die strate waarlangs ek skooltoe gery het in Roodepoort
    Klink of jou Spaanse oefening vrugte sal afwerp

      • I still have a long way to go, I know loads but still struggle with correct tenses in sentences! I take a small notebook around with me. I’ll jot words in it I don’t know and phrases I wanted to say in Spanish. Then when I get back I’ll look them up into Spanish. Buena suerte 😊

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