Our first dive in Casa cenote


I feel fortunate that we were able to complete our open water diving certification in Tulum. We didn’t plan on doing this, it just kind of happened. We did the diving with Easy Chango and had a lot of fun with our instructor, Kenneth and his trainee, Jirko. After a morning of watching theory videos, we had an afternoon for our first time in the diving gear and in the water.


For the first underwater exercises, divers usually go to a swimming pool. In Tulum, the ‘swimming pool’ is an open cenote with a sand bottom and bright clear water.


I did not enjoy the first day of diving a lot. I felt uncomfortable breathing through the regulator under water. After a while in the water, we swam around under water a bit, but I still felt panicky and unhappy.


The next day, we went back to Casa Cenote and I enjoyed tje underwater experience a bit more. In the picture above I give the ‘OK’ diving sign.

There were a few of these guys around when we left the cenote late on our first day:


Right across the street from Casa cenote is the beach where we did our first ocean dive. Here is Dirk and Jirko (from Czech Republic) contemplating the waves maybe?



The clear water of cenotes changes during the day, sometimes it appears more blue and other times more green. In Casa (house) Cenote we could clearly see halocline where the salt water from the ocean meets the fresh water from the cenote and it looks like drops of oil mixing with water. We had good underwater visibility on the days we went to Casa Cenote.


The cenote is surrounded by mangroves:



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